” They kept us in chains, they kept us in ties,
They beat us with sticks, every time we cried.

We tried to run away, we tried to hide,
But they always found us no matter how hard we tried.

They burnt our backs, they chopped our legs,
They killed our children without regrets.

The life we live is not a merry one,
The pain we feel should be felt by no one.

No one loved us, no rescues came.
We are the animals with no name.” 


Animal cruelty is not an unknown phenomenon. Any attempt to cause deliberate or intentional harm to animals or failure to take care of them, falls under the category of animal abuse. No matter the kind of abuse, the animals suffer terribly. While there are laws to protect the rights of mistreated and hurt animals the lack of knowledge often leads to the animal abusers remaining free.

An animal may not be able to complain or tell you about the amount of agony they are going through but they feel as much pain as we do!

If you believe someone around you is abusing animals, please speak up.