Rajasthan Dairy Cruelty Investigation Released to the Media……

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FIAPO’s investigation in 49 dairies across four cities of Rajasthan revealed the indiscriminate use of banned and illegal drugs such as Oxytocin for increasing and releasing unnatural quantities of milk; lack of basic infrastructure, food and veterinary care for cattle as well as illegal sale of calves for slaughter.

The report was released to statewide media by Dr. D.R. Mehta, Founder Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang SahayataSamiti (BMVSS) and a Trustee of FIAPO and by Mrs.Timmie Kumar, Ambassador, FIAPO, Varda Mehrotra, Director FIAPO

D.R Mehta appealed to the government to take immediate action. “This calls for an urgent and strict implementation of the existing laws of animal welfare and addition of better rules in areas that are not covered by the existing laws. We have formulated a Dairy Code, which should be used as the guiding document to impose minimum standards for humane treatment of dairy cattle. The inclusion of dairy businesses as major food production establishments and their regulation under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 will also improve the standards used for the process of milking. Our report and letter has been shared with the Ministry of Agriculture with an appeal to act immediately to take action against dairies violating laws and ensure minimum standards of welfare among cattle”

Timmie Kumar said, “Rajasthan is a prosperous state and we have always been shown images of happy cows on dairy products. But going by the facts revealed from our investigation that image is nothing but a façade to a lifetime of abuse and exploitation. As citizens of Vibrant Rajasthan, we really need to improve our treatment of the cattle to at least be acceptable and humane”.

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