Hingonia-Cows die in a Gaushala: But this is just the tip of the ice berg….

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Over 1,000 deaths were recorded in a single month at the Hingonia Bovine Animal Rehabilitation centre, Jaipur. Despite the Chief Minister’s reassurances, rampant cruelty towards animals is a common sight at Hingonia. FIAPO verified that the rehabilitation centre is overpopulated, with close to 15,000 cattle in a space adequate for at most 10,000 cattle.

The cattle are underfed and there is inadequate veterinary staff resulting in delayed treatment. The conditions of the overcrowded, mismanaged and corrupted facility is diabolical and it worsens in monsoon with the gobar of 15,000 cows slushing the whole centre. The lack of proper fencing and rain proof sheds have led to zero protection from weather elements, street dogs and crows which feed on sick, barely alive cattle.

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