25 Buffaloes rescued in Jaipur..

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On 9th November, Laj Jain of the ARTH Foundation, a member of the Jaipur Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations, stopped an overloaded truck carrying 25 buffalos on the B2 bye pass road near Pratap Nagar, Jaipur.

She intimated the police immediately, but sadly, they did not take any immediate action against the truck driver even though carrying such high number of buffalos is a complete violation of the Transport of Animals Rules, 1978. To help Laj ji with the situation, FIAPO Delhi team member Archit joined her and together they started contacting higher officials and media persons to book the violators. The SHO of Jaipur East division reached on the spot, and finally an FIR was filed against the truck drivers and arrangements made for the buffalos to be sent to the Hingonia Rehabilitation Centre. Just when the ordeal of the poor animals seemed to be ending, the Hingonia Centre refused to house the buffalos as per their policy of only sheltering abandoned and sick cows.

An immediate message for help was sent across all contacts to find a gaushala to accommodate the buffalos for a day, who had not eaten or drank water in more than 8 hours.

With the help of FIAPO’s network and the police, a local gaushala on Ajmer Road was found where the exhausted and frightened buffalos were kept for the night until arrangements for their rehabilitation could be made.


We salute the ever- positive spirit of Laj Jain in continuously looking after cases of such gruesome cruelty in the city of Jaipur, especially since she is injured herself at the moment form a recent accident!

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