A ray of hope for the abandoned…

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Today we met Kartik Sarraf, a 2nd year student of Electrical engineering.

Kartik resides in the campus hostel and is aware of the pathetic condition of the cows on the roads. “Whenever I am out on the roads and I see a cow with polythene in her mouth, I make it a point to snatch it out. That is the best I am able to do to help our Gau Maata”, he said.  He was told the reason that why these all cows were on the roads, hearing which he was quite shocked.


People like Kartik are our ray of hope to put an end to this wretched condition of dairy animals.

Kartik will join our on ground movement after his exams to persuade Shri Prabhulal Saini to End Intensive Dairies.

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