Jagpreet learns of the horrors behind a glass of milk..

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The presence of our team handing out leaflets outside a school in Jaipur was seen as another coaching class promotion. But when asked a simple question, ‘Can you say NO to milk?’ the students were prompt to answer saying ‘I hate milk!’
Jagpreet Singh, an 11th Standard Commerce student, told us “I hate milk, but my dad forces me to consume it.” Jagpreet was introduced to FIAPO and our 
End Intensive Dairies campaign. He told us about a dairy in Jagatpura which is owned by his friends’ father. Jagpreet had visited the dairy and his expression clarified how disgusted he was after his visit. “Apart from the smell of the Gobar, I was terrified by the way the cattle were tied. I have told this to my friend, but he could do nothing as his father is in-charge”, he said while gathering a few of his other friends. We reached out to more than 300 students like Jagpreet who were made aware of the omnipresent cruelties of the Indian dairy sector.

Jagpreet went home smiling, because from today he can justify his hatred for milk to his Dad! 

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