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Rishabh Saluja is a 12th Class Commerce student from S.V Public School, Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur.

Upon hearing about our campaign, Rishabh recollected his visit to a gau-shala few months ago with his batch mates. The school had arranged this visit and the students went there as a helping hand to the shelter staff. The cows were well kept, the reason for which might be the recent outcry after the Hingonia issue, as he says.

But Rishabh is still not satisfied with the prevailing condition, since he sees a lot of unattended dairy animals roaming the roads.A month ago he saw an old cow, in a bad condition on a street in Jawahar Nagar, of which he informed the Jaipur Municipal Corporation. As expected, no action was taken. The next day Rishabh saw the same cow and called up Help In Suffering. Although they arrived soon, the cow had departed by then.

Rishabh is infuriated with the condition of the dairy cows. He wants to End Intensive Dairies.

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