The agonising journey of a meat eater…

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Today we met Gareema, a 1st  Year BA student from Kanoria College, Jaipur, who is also a volunteer for NSS-Kanoria Chapter.

She told us the story of her conversion from a non-Vegetarian to a Vegetarian.  A year ago, she had seen a goat being slaughtered. “I was so disgusted of that sight that I could not eat anything for 2 days. It was then that I decided to reduce the suffering to animals, at least from my end”, she said. Gareema has since that fateful day, converted her younger brother to vegetarianism and recently her dad as well.We informed Gareema about the cruel conditions under which dairy animals are kept and milked. She could, to some extent, feel the same disgust she was exposed to a year ago.

Perhaps, she might convert to veganism soon.It’s rightly said “If Slaughter houses had glass walls, everybody would be vegetarian.”