Saving lives, by hook or by crook…

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Meet Sagar- a savior of cattle.

Sagar knows that hundreds of cows are overloaded and transported daily from Rajasthan to outskirts of Delhi. “On getting any information about such occurrence, I along with my friends just get hold of the truck , take it personally to a Cow shelter and release the animals.”, he said.

When questioned “Don’t you complain about the truck drivers and their boss?”,  Sagar replied “Once we filed an FIR with the Police, but we were threatened to death by the cow trading Mafia with no intervention from the Police. Since then we just get hold of the drivers, beat them up a little bit, release the cattle and get ready for the next violator. Our motive is to save the Cow and we shall do anything to accomplish that.”

Though we do not support Sagar’s way of working, somehow he and his friends have saved hundreds of cows from slaughter.

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