Durga- the invincible one..

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Meet Durga- a 3rd Year B.Sc student. Durga hails from a small village and is clearly aware of the cruelty which the dairy animals are subjected to.

“Dairy owners consider these cows and buffaloes just as a means to earn profit. I have personally met some of the dairy owners and advised them to mend their ways. Ones who are close to our family did improve but overall the condition still remains sorry.”

“Have you ever tried to complain to the authorities?” our outreach officer asked.

“I am coming to college and studying. These rights were not easy to get. Being a woman from our village, this is more than enough for me, for now. Every battle will be fought in due time!”

Doing justice to her name Durga has tried and put a stricture to this evil. If she can, why can’t we all?


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