Frequently Asked Questions

What is an F.I.R?

F.I.R. means First Information Report, made to police, about commission of a cognizable offence. In effect, it amounts to putting law in to motion by giving information relating to the commission of a cognizable offence to an officer in charge of a police station, (which shall be reduced into writing and read over to  the informant) and shall be signed by the person giving such information. It is mandatory to give a copy of the first information report (as recorded by police) to the complainant or informant free of cost.

Any person who is victim of an offence or who is a witness to any such offence or who has knowledge about the commission of any such offence can lodge an F.I.R.


What is a D.D.R (Daily Diary Report)?

A Daily Diary Report is a compilation of all the daily visitors to the police station. These individuals have mainly come to file complaints and grievances. For every such individual the date, time and purpose of visit is noted in the diary of the police station.


What information is required to file an F.I.R?

Information given at this stage should be as detailed and as coherent as possible. Details of the wrong-doing, location, etc. should be given in as much detail as possible. Information in addition to the sequence of crime that is required is the person’s name, address, etc. The informer is also required to sign once the information has been read out to him/her.


What happens to the F.I.R after it is filed?

  • When there is sufficient evidence a challan is prepared.
  • When there is insufficient evidence, F.I.R is declared as untraceable.
  • When F.I.R is found to be false or is transferred to other Police Station on point of jurisdiction, it is declared as cancelled.
  • After registering the F.I.R the contents of the F.I.R cannot be changed. Only High Court can quash the F.I.R.


What role does the person who lodges an F.I.R play?

The person is informing the authorities of an offence being committed. He/ She may be called as a witness once the trial starts and can be requested by the police to help in investigation of the said offence.

F.I.R starts the Criminal Justice process. Thus this is an important role. The person can be summoned for questioning and can also be called during trial stages and cross-examined.


Is the F.I.R investigation a lengthy process?

This depends on the type of crime. The police will only ask for your presence while verifying facts of the complaint during their investigation/ procedure of addressing to the F.I.R.


What is the complaint format?

The complaint letter is simple letter addressed to the highest police authority managing the police station of the area where the cruelty was noticed. The letter will contain details of the crime (date, time, place) and the description of the event. If you know which laws are violated, mention these in the letter. Attach any evidence of the crime with this letter. For a general sample letter click here: [Share the link for the letter from lodge an FIR page]


What actions can people outside Rajasthan take?

  • Sign the End Intensive Dairies petition, asking the Minister of Agriculture to take action to bring policy reform in the dairy sector of Rajasthan:
  • Send evidences of cruelty in the dairies of your area to our Tip- Off Line (+91- 9780400921) [share link of the number page]
  • Share your experience of filing complaints with local authorities or dealing with animal cruelty, to help others dealing with similar situations:
  • File complaints with local authorities in your city/ area/ state against cruel dairies to get a national level improvement.
  • Based on existing laws, spread awareness in the dairies of your city to initiate change on ground.