Lodge an FIR

If you see a crime being committed against an animal, for the complaint to be registered as an FIR whether online or offline make sure that the following information is collected by you:

  • Photo or video evidence of the crime to make the complaint stronger
  • Date, time and place of the crime to be reported to increase the authenticity of the complaint



  1. Log on to http://fileanfir.fiapo.org/ and check whether you can lodge online complaints/ FIRs in your city/ state.
  2. Click on the link for lodging complaints in your city/ state and you will be redirected to the complaint/ FIR filing page.
  3. Fill in all the tabs with information as requested and submit the form. Ensure that all details have been entered correctly.
  4. Once the form will be submitted an online complaint number will be generated which will be sent to your phone and email address. Keep this number safe for the entire process of follow- up of the complaint.
  5. After receiving the complaint form, the police will check the authenticity of the same and investigate whether the same has to be converted into an FIR by registering with the Magistrate or not.
  6. Once the complaint is registered as an FIR, the police will contact you for further investigation and collect details of the crime to form a case.
  7. No money has to be paid or affidavit submitted for this purpose.

File an FIR now!

  • If your city does not have online complaint/ FIR portals, you can check under which police stations’ jurisdiction is the area of crime and lodge a complaint with them.
  • Even though you can file a complaint anywhere and the police cannot refuse to lodge the same, filing complaints at the correct police station increases the efficiency of addressing the issue.


Steps to filing an F.I.R OFFLINE

  1. Any one has the right to file a complaint whether the individual is the victim or not.
  2. Collect evidence for your complaint to be submitted with the letter (pictures, videos, document proof, etc).
  3. Prepare a letter of your complaint (format attached here).
  4. Check which Police Station has the jurisdiction of the area where the dairy/ tabela is located.
  5. The complaint will be registered by the senior most officer (above the rank of Constable) available in the police station at that time.
  6. In case the officer refuses to file the FIR, complaint can be made regarding the same to the senior police officer, i.e., Concerned Circle Officer, Addl. SP or the Superintendent of Police of the concerned District. These officers will get the FIR registered and investigated.
  7. Four copies of the complaint will be made through carbon sheets.
  8. The FIR has to be registered in the first person and in the language prescribed for the region.
  9. Ensure that the arrival/departure time is mentioned in the F.I.R and in the Daily Diary (DD) Register at the Police Station
  10. After completion, you MUST carefully read the document and sign it.
  11. It must be recorded by the officer in the book maintained for this purpose by the State Government.
  12. You have the right to and must get a copy of it for your records.  You are not required to pay for the same.
  13. You are not required by law to give an affidavit.
  14. No payments have to be made at any time of filing a FIR.
  15. Once these steps have been followed, keep the FIR copy safe with you for any future reference surrounding the case.


Download Format for FIR application


Spotted animal cruelty but cant file an FIR? Send a complaint (photo, location, 15 words describing the cruelty,
name of owner/identifying details) to our anonymous tip off line and we will submit this on your behalf to the Minister of Agriculture, Rajasthan.